Our Mission and Vision


To become a brand that maintains its leadership position in logistics by creating differences and growing continuously.


Apn Paper & Logistics is an innovative and leading company offering logistics services.


Apn Paper & Logistics establishes effective communication channels to understand customer needs and respond quickly. It is committed to responding and concluding all positive and negative notifications in accordance with the laws, international transportation rules and company procedures, and continuously improving the process of handling customer complaints with its customer-oriented employees.

Customer Orientation; Perceive and meet the customer's present and future expectations in accordance with the philosophy of "Win is Win"

Learning and Development; To provide continuous improvement by acquiring the information that will lead to improvement and change and guiding our behaviors

Employee Satisfaction; To meet the expectations of our employees

In order to provide social communication; Increasing social sharing among employees, ensuring mutual respect

Team spirit; Solve problems together and share achievements

Respect for Environment and Society; To be sensitive to the expectations of the society and protection of the environment in our processes

Reliability; Keeping our promises to stakeholders, not lying, adapting to ethical values

Developing Collaborations; We provide services to suppliers, agencies, non-governmental organizations, etc. cooperate with "Win Win" philosophy and ensure mutual development

Taking Responsibility; Even in difficult jobs, take the task by pushing the limits of knowledge and skills