Human Resources

To ensure the employment of the right people regardless of religion, language, race, gender, disability, to increase the satisfaction of employees, to increase their loyalty and efficiency to the organization, to ensure that they participate in decision-making by creating an environment that allows them to develop themselves.

Apn Paper & Logistics, we see our employees as the most valuable resource of the company. In our rapidly growing company that is open to change and learning, we carry out many activities to ensure the development of our employees.

  • Our goal as Apn Paper & Logistics;
  • For the applicants who apply to us;

To meet the tasks that are most suitable for them and we will get the highest efficiency from them,

For our employees;

  • Raising their satisfaction,
  • To increase their commitment to the institution,
  • To increase their productivity,
  • Creating an environment that allows them to develop themselves,
  • Direct or indirect participation in decision-making