Ethical Values

Apn Paper & Logistics approves ethical principles and rules in all of its companies within the framework of a certain sense of responsibility and adopts its development and growth in line with these values.

We exhibit a reliable, consistent stance and observe the image of the company.

The attitudes, behaviors and appearances of the employees, their relations with third parties and the activities in which they take place should not adversely affect the image of the company.

We protect the commercial and private information of Apn Paper & Logistics and our partner organizations.

We do not disclose any information that would be advantageous to competitors of Apn Paper & Logistics, trade secrets, private information of our employees and the companies we work with.

We take precautions to prevent unauthorized access to the above mentioned information.

As Apn Paper & Logistics staff, we avoid conflicts of interest.

First degree relatives (spouse, parent, sibling) cannot work in a competitor.

Customer, supplier and so on. personal debts / receivables, etc. interest is not entered.

Employees of the company may not enter into commercial competition with the company.

In recruitment and recruitment, we select personnel with the appropriate competence for the job. We do not take into account familiar / relative criteria.

Customer information cannot be used for personal benefit.